Party in Nomansland with This Is LOVSKI & Robert Soko in MEZZ

Mezz Breda

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This is LOVSKI is presenting you Party in Nomansland. The place you wanna stay forever, a place of golden sunsets and endless parties in undiscovered cities. Inspired by his place in society This is LOVSKI’s goal and message is to connect people by dancing and partying. For everyone who knows what it’s like to start a new life in a new country, this is your party, don’t be lost and come and dance with us!

Afro, Electronic, Balkan, Techy beats and insane summer vibes coming your way!

With his exotic surf guitar sound and endless energy, This is LOVSKI knows how to treat his audience to a LOVSKY-style electric party. His music takes you on a trip, into a world where borders no longer exist. A world with golden sunsets and endless parties in undiscovered cities. A world where fata morganas of the East and raw realities of the West mix and match seamlessly. This is LOVSKY brings people together and lets the world dance like there’s no tomorrow.

For this special show This is LOVSKI is inviting the legendary Balkan Beats DJ Robert Soko from Berlin as well!

On this little piece of no man’s land, there is a party, we forget about time for a while. It’s a place where it doesn’t matter where you are from, how you look or what you stand for.

Keizerstraat 101 , 4811HL Breda